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Zan's Powerful Technique

Zan's one of the best naturals around. Really nice "I love women' vibe that he projects in his interactions.

He has his own site here

This is a golden technique for when you see your relationship start to go down the drain and gives you a safety valve to set her up as a fuck buddy.. or as one of your MLTRs.. this shit should be illegal.. :-)

I don't know if this has been suggested before. I have read most of TFM and lots of the archive and don't remember seeing anything like it, so I'm sorry if this is not new.

(Subconscious interjection: Move through life without apology, Zan!)

Wait a minute! I take that apology back.

I haven't heard anyone mention something like this but IME, it is a very powerful technique. Here is the essence of it: Profess your undying affection and devotion to the girl - and then NEXT her.

When to use this? When you have seen her several times, you have had great rapport, but now it feels like she is starting to flake. If your thing with a girl was hot at one time (she tongued you down, lots of EV and talking, etc), but now you sense the whole thing is starting to drift towards LJBF land, and you have nothing else to lose, try this. It just might help to resurrect a moribund relationship with a girl.

Or if you really like a girl but you have done some stupid AFC moves (and who among us haven't?) and she is starting to lose interest, try this.

I have used this before to devastating effect. It sounds very AFC at first blush, but hear me out. Notice the difference between these two paragraphs (which I just made up and are cheesy, but it's just to illustrate what I mean):

AFC: I think about you day and night. You are so beautiful and I adore you. I can't wait to see you again.

PUA: I think about you day and night. You are so beautiful and I adore you. But now I must go. You have touched me on a very deep level and it is more than I can bear. I am helpless before other women and I will only hurt you and myself. I can't see you anymore.

Say the first phrase to a girl and she thinks "Ha ha, I have a yappy new lapdog. Buy me dinner!" Zero challenge; she has already won.

Say the second phrase and it throws her into a whirlwind of emotions. Her whole world becomes the cover of a romance novel. Her nurturing instinct kicks into high gear (after all, you are a victim of your desires and she must save you). She knows she is about to lose you. And she senses that you are about to run to the arms of ten other women for comfort.

It is very powerful. But the key is that she has to know that you really mean it. It has to be believable. You are *really* not going to see her anymore. And you should believe it too. After all, it was going cold already anyway and she was probably going to LJBF you.

And this is important - say it and then split. Get the hell out of Dodge. What I have found is that in a lot of cases, she will become obsessed with you. You will be bombarded with emails and phone calls from her. It is almost impossible for her to resist this challenge.

She almost certainly will try to coax you back. But only if you do this move while your rapport is still fairly strong and things are still going reasonably well between you two when you ditch her.

And when she contacts you, you must remain congruent and never let her feel she has you. From this point on. And the beauty is that you *can* go back to seeing her, but now you are the one with value. You are the prize. And you are the one that appears ready to leave at any moment. She WILL work to keep you.

And you have established the fact that you see other women and you can't help it. And she can't complain about this because you told her the way you are and that she might get hurt. But she still wants you anyway.

I pulled this on a girl recently. We were making out and I was kissing her neck and stuff and we were both feeling really good.

Using a poem from the manual (and slightly altering it), I said something like:

ME: (kissing her neck and talking very slowly) You know what I am, HB? I am your teardrop... I was conceived in your heart... I was born in your eyes... I live on your cheeks... and I will die on your lips.

Then while lightly kissing her lips, I said some variation of the adoration / Nexting phrase I mentioned earlier. And then I got up and took off.

This girl was almost certainly going to flake out on me, but now she calls me every night, wants to see me, understands that she is not exclusive, wants to save me, etc.

In fact, I have used this as a way to establish almost every one of my MLTRs.

Try it...


Credit Zan Perrion Official website here

Relationship rules

Tubarao with some excellent field tested rules about relationship management

Rules Revisited

0.) All rules can be broken if you're EXPERIENCED.

1.) Time spent together
FB - Only see once a week.
MLTR - 2 - 3x a week. Even if she's the only girl you're [currently] fucking, you still have to schedule her with the idea that you need nights free to fuck/sarge other women (+ nights for yourself).
LTR - See as often as you'd like, but don't move in together unless you marry. A "test run" will not give an accurate indication of what it will be like to live with her once you are married. As long as you are not married, there's the possibility of you NEXTing her, which is harder to do if she's living with you.

2.) Communication
FB - Only call for sex. 50/50 calls are ideal, but it doesn't actually matter, as long as you stick to whatever precedent you set.
MLTR and LTR- At least 50/50 is necessary, although higher on her end is preferable. Mental NEXT after two unanswered messages/calls.

3.) Sharing personal info
FB - Don't answer any personal questions (except regarding contagious diseases, etc.). She is not your girlfriend.
MLTR - Don't answer any questions regarding the other women you're seeing. Sub-communicate only!
LTR - Make sure there's always something about you for her to wonder about... Also, do not enter into a frame of accounting for every time that you are apart! Have your own life.

4.) Never talk about the other women you are fucking, although talking about it abstractly in the form of Rich Descriptions is ok!

5.) Non-sex time
FB - Avoid casually hanging out together. If you run into her, treat as normal. No PDA (except your usual KINO that you use on all women). No dates (movies, dinner, coffee, walks, picnics, etc.)!
MLTR - A "date" counts as time spent together, even if you don't end up having sex, as pertains to rule 1. Most encounters should end in sex. If she starts withdrawing sex, and treating as shit test fails, downgrade or NEXT (also pertains to LTR).

6.) Maintain your frame! Regardless of FB or (M)LTR, you should have the same frame as the day she met you. If you develop one-itis, GFTOW immediately.

7.) Monogamy
FB and MLTR - If she communicates a desire for monogamy, upgrade or NEXT immediately. If she demands monogamy, NEXT her immediately.
LTR - Monogamy must be clearly stated. Don't assume monogamy, as this puts you in a double-bind: If you fuck someone else, she gets mad, if you DON'T fuck anyone else, you become betaized, and the whole time she's free to fuck others.

8.) Fuck her good and hard. Hot sex is KEY, and can alleviate many problems.

9.) As Franco says, "put her to do things for you." Make her bring you things, cook for you, give you massages, etc. She should be compliant. This is especially important for LTR.

By category:

LD - FB only! It seems counter-intuitive that an LD woman could be an FB, but that's the ONLY position that she should even be considered for. LTR with an LD woman is doomed.

HD - Make sure your sex drives are compatible.

LSE/Freak - FB only!!!!!! If I read one more post about someone whining about how their LTR with a Freak is going shitty, I'm going to pound my head into the wall.

HSE Freak/ Libertine - Whatever you call this type of woman, she should be an FB only. "Squishy" FB is ok (FB + friend/ pivot). Frame must be ROCK SOLID.

MD or MSE (normal girls in early 20's) - Screen heavily to see if she's suitable for (M)LTR. If you can't tell, assume LSE and/or LD; better to err on the side of caution (and no, you're not giving up on her out of paranoia; she can still make an awesome fun FB).

Ho - FB. MLTR is possible only if she already has a rich boyfriend. If she NEXTs her rich boyfriend, downgrade her.

Masculine woman - FB only. Every woman is at least a little masculine, but one who is excessively so will eventually drain you (think Hillary Clinton; do you want to be in an LTR with her? Ugh).

Good girl - Screen (a lot) to be sure. Good for everything!

Woman with boyfriend - Nothing changes. He doesn't matter.

Married woman - Don't communicate in any way that's stored. Set a procedure by which you get in touch/ get together. Never bring her to your place, in case she gets attached/psycho. Don't go to places that either of you frequent. Don't ask about her husband or children. Never fuck a married woman in your social circle. The relationship should be purely about sex. If a woman suggest leaving her husband for you, NEXT her immediately. Follow the rest of the FB rules.

Marriage - I have never been married, and I don't believe in marriage. If it is something that you desire, then consider this advice with a grain of salt. As far as I see it, you should only get married to have children, in which case you are choosing to sacrifice a piece of your independence for the sake of procreation. Good for you.

In any Relationship - Zero expectations. Always positive. Never react emotionally (be AWARE of your emotions, and APPRECIATE the positive emotions that you experience and share them with her; don't be a robot; negative emotions are a waste of time). Always busy (with things you genuinely enjoy). You love your life and you are allowing her a place in it. Always lead. Never be fearful. Never see her as perfect. Always be ready to NEXT her (again, this isn't about emotional detachment, this is about only choosing to be with her when both of you are enriched by it; if it becomes a negative thing for EITHER of you, NEXT her). Only think about her when you're with her. Be non-reactive; be non reaction-seeking (and follow all the rest of TD's 25 points and normal PU practices).

NEXTing above also includes soft nexts. Use as appropriate/ based on your skill.

Before you enter into an LTR, you have to have experienced MLTRs. Before you enter into an MLTR, you have to have experienced FBs. Before you have FBs, you have to have a complete life that fulfills you and makes you happy. Most men do this exactly in reverse and suffer at every single step of the way.

And remember rule 0, but don't break rules simply for the sake of breaking them. These are rules that you impose on YOURSELF until you learn to have an unshakable frame. If you break a rule and suffer from it (read 99% of posts on this board), then it is your own stupid fault.

And for those who think I sound like a misogynist: I love women. They are beautiful and incredible creatures.

EDIT (thanks Humbledad):
My definitions:
Next = Stop having sex
Hard Next = Next and cut off communication
Soft Next = Next and continue communication
Mental Next = Taking just the mental steps of a Next.
Downgrade = Go from (M)LTR to FB.
Zan = Soft Next or downgrade with the deliberate intention of rekindling the relationship.

Credit - Tubarao off MASF

Getting laid Vs. Getting good

Post by Nashvilleplayboy off MASF directed towards the newbs.. some golden tips in there.. about the right approach to approach PU..

Lots of guys are gonna tell you you need to master alot of things before you can get laid.

You'll hear guys saying things like, "Hey, you need to learn these techniques. You have to know this method. You have to read these ebooks. You have to take this bootcamp and that seminar."

There are plenty of people who are going to teach you techniques, routines, lines, and methods to use to get laid. Thats fine, most guys who come here are going to need alot of that stuff.

What most guys won't teach you is to have a mindset thats going to make this journey in bettering yourself with women, as smooth and as easy as possible. When you're new to PU or have zero experience with women(or both), its easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to master every technique and every method that you see.

Its easy to get caught up in Guru worship spending thousands and thousands of hard earned dollars to learn techniques and things that you cant apply because you dont have the field experience to back up the techniques, basically just throwing your money away to have a guy yell at you to get in set and picking you apart when you come back(hell, I can do this right now, for free, lol).

It's easy to get caught up in wanting to be the top PUA in the community. The quest to be the best. Even I was infatuated with the idea at the beginning.

But if you wanna get from zero experience to hero in the field, none of these motivations are going to take you there in the long run. The desire to lay every girl you meet, the search for the perfect 10, the desire to pay back all those women who looked down on you before who are gonna kiss your ass when you show them the skills you've learned, for most guys, these motivations aren't gonna help you in the long run either.

What happens when you have the ability to lay alot of the girls you meet and PU gives you nothing to look forward to? What happenes when you lay A COUPLE of perfect tens and realize that beautiful women arent really that important? What happens when you lay all those chicks that looked down on you in the past, and you blow em off for better chicks that you picked up using your skills alone?

PU is gonna be empty. Youre going to have wasted alot of time searching to master every technique, wasted alot of money to learn basic skills, and spent alot of your life aiming to be the best. Then youre gonna go on your merry way looking for some other wordly pleasure to fill whatever it is thats missing in your life.

I've seen guys do it. Master every skill, sleep with tons of women, and they're still miserable. They move on to devote themselves to a religion they barely believe in to feel better about themselves. You dont have to go through that excrutiating process, and you have all the opportunity in the world to get what you want out of PU and out of life, . So lets get your heads together now while it can make a difference, before you go down that long road of wasting your time.

Theres basically two ways to approach learning pick-up and how to seduce women. You learn and pick-up with the intention of getting laid, or you learn and pick-up with the intention of getting good. This is about as simple as I can make it.


Not yet. You can see which experienced guys are simply out to get good just by watching what they're doing. Its all about how much can their skillset accomplish on its own.

You wanna get good? You put yourself in a position where you have little to rely on other than your own head. No social proof. No pivots. No wing. Dress down(no peacocking). Cold approaching only. Going for threesomes. Going for the hottest girls only. Ignoring logistics. Basically trying to bed women by will alone.

When youre new, if you constantly put yourselves in interactions that involve alot of those situations all grouped together, you're going to make it ALOT, for emphasis sake, ENTIRELY WAY TOO MUCH HARDER on yourself than it needs to be. You're going to make it hard for yourself to see success. To get laid. To meet girls that you're able to handle at your level of skill. Youre going to make it harder for yourself to be satisfied with your level of success.

Even worse, most newer guys spend most of their time in the field trying to master ALL of those specific situations. And they have to spend thousands of approaches just to get past one stage. And thats because they never took the time to get comfortable with just going through the basics and getting their dick wet enough to not care if they're getting laid "tonight" or if theyre laying every chick, or seeing immediate success.

Trust me, in trying to master specific areas of sarging, you need to be completely outcome EDIT independent EDIT at all times to fully grasp and be objective about where you are as a PUA, what you need to be doing, and what you did right/wrong in the field. But the process becomes alot shorter when you already have field experience to thoroughly cover the basics.

Which leads me to: PU to get laid.

In the beginning, you need to be comfortable with just going through your sarges and interactions taking the simplest steps to get laid. Once your comfortable doing this and sex becomes less of an issue, THEN you can move on to mastering specific skills, working on perfecting your skillset.

So where do you start? Opening, duh.

But look, you dont have to be able to open every set or have 1000 openers to deal with every situation. You dont even need to perfect a routine stack. All you need: to be able to overcome approach anxiety to where you can open(literally just open your mouth and say something), and to be able to open and keep the conversation moving for a few minutes every few times you open. Thats as far as you have to master opening before you move on to the next step.

Second: Kino

You dont have to be able to take every interaction to the point where you're making out and feeling her up. All need is just enough experience to be comfortable touching her hand or arm here and there, punching her in the shoulder during or in response to a playful joke, putting your arm around her without feeling uncomfortable, and walking close enough or sitting close enough to her that incidental kino is bound to happen.

Then: #Closing and Phone Game

Once you can open and hold a conversation every once in awhile while throwing in some kino here in there, all you need are some simple ways to get phone numbers to keep the interaction moving along when there are time constraints you have to deal with. Really simple way: Just hand her your phone, really, shes not stupid. And if she resists or offers you some bullshit excuse, just say "cool." Hand her your phone again lol, sometimes her bullshit is just a shit test that you can ignore.

As for talking on the phone, dont wait forever to call her back. Within in the next two days is cool. You dont have to be super funny or super interesting EVERY SINGLE SECOND your on the phone. Just relax, dont make a big deal out of it and use the call to set up a Day2. "Lets go to 'such and such' tomorrow so we can do 'this and that'." Doesnt have to be some complicated well thought out strategy to get her to meet you. Not every girl you call is gonna meet you anyway. Get over it, its no big deal. You need just enough to get a day2 here and there.

Next on the list: Day 2s

Learn how to have a normal damn conversation. Not boring, but dont act like you havent ever talked talked to girls before. Learn to step up your kino a lil bit. Instead of asking yourself is now a good time to kiss or when should I kiss her, just shut the fuck up, move close to her, and do it. And dont shove your tongue down her throat either. Just brush your lips up against hers just enough so that she knows its a kiss but not so much that she can say you tried to rape her(lol). If you have to practice just having conversations and kino with your female friends(aka LJBFs girls) to comfortable enough to where its not weird to you, then do that.

Obviously: Isolation

Youre gonna have to find somewhere to go. Most new guys cant pull a girl into the bathroom at Waffle House to get some ass. Thats fine. If you cant take her back to your place, or you cant go to hers, or neither of you have a car, then you have to get creative. Other than that, just use dumb excuses to be alone. They can honestly be dumb. As long as you dont make a big deal out of it and you arent a weirdo, most girls if theyre into you, will be perfectly happy to check out your myspace page or play madden '07 with you for a few minutes. If all you have is the car, hell, take her to the park so you can see the ducks/fish/stars/wtf ever. It doesnt even have to be a really legit reason to be alone. Just let it be a reason, and one that you can justify when you get there. Then keep her around longer than JUST to do that one thing. Its not rocket science.

Moving on: Escalation

At some point, you have to be sexual. If anyone has been keeping up with my beginner methods, then you should arleady have no problem projecting the fact that your sexual in some way. Kino, EC, conversation topics, sexual humor... list goes on. You've got her isolated now, so obviously, she's not going to make the first move. You have to be comfortable enough to just go for at some point in time. Stop worrying about whether she likes you or is attracted to you or wants sex or whatever. If she's alone with you even though you gave her that bullshit excuse, she wants it, whether she knows it or not. Its your job to lead.

At some point: "Fuck a Calibration"

Just fuck it and go caveman. Grab her ass, pull her too you(i dont mean like a maniac, have some gentile nature about it), and kiss her. Drag her to the bedroom and basically throw her on the bed. You might even have to put her over your shoulder and carry her in there if shes not there already. Who cares. THEN back to calibrating again. Start learning the difference between "No" (stop, i dont want this, you're weird, im gonna call the cops) and "No" (we shouldnt be doing this, but I want you, but maybe im just not completely comfortable, slow down and turn me on first, press the right buttons and this will turn to yes, aka No, dont stop).

This should go without saying: Have sex.

If you havent had much sex, turn your lays into FBs so you get that experience with little to no extra work(aka sarging a new girl). I shouldnt have to go into all the reasons why its important to have some regular sex at some point when you have no experience with women. Obviously, you cant read any information offered to you if you need an explanation.

Until you get some lays and enough experience in all of these areas to simply be comfortable with doing these, YOU SHOULD NOT BE SPENDING TONS OF APPROACHES TO MASTER ANY ONE THING. Thats basically it. You work on getting good later.

How do you judge how much experience you need with each before you move on to working on the next stages? Well, have you done the stage before it yet? Do you feel like if you have to do it again with a new girl that its possible? Do you still have anxiety when it comes to any of those things that youre currently working on that makes it very difficult to go through with it? Are you having enough success with what youre doing to feel like you can take it to the next level soon? Being able to answer all of these questions can tell you whether you need to keep working on this one particular area or move ahead with this girl and come back to it in your future sarges.

All you have to do now is just go get in the field. Once you have the basics down, then you add the bells and whistles that augment your ability to apply the basic skills. Basically, you add everything in a PUA's arsenal that can help you get laid. From social proof, to advanced techniques, to wings and pivots and everything else. When you get to the point where you understand the dynamic between you and the girls you're sarging, and you have no problem getting laid or using the principles conventially relied upon in the community, then you move on to getting good.

You can drop all the extra stuff and start focusing again on mastering the skills that make you great regardless of whatever cards you have up your sleeves(social proof, peacocking, etc).

Get to work.

Credit - Nashvilleplayboy MASF

C&F material - off various archives

Some C&F material that should be required reading.. makes the PU process a lot easier if you have a lets laugh with the little girl vibe..

this ones by SIlver off MASF and he's rooted around the archives to get this stuff..

It was sort of a bitch to look up all this shit in the Archives so I fugured I would just post a compilation of the stuff. Teasing is a great way to get into a girls pants and here are some awsome ways to do it. Straight out the Dungeons here is good teasing material thanks everyone who posted this stuff before me. Please If you have any of your own good tease openers post them or add them to this.
This is very very long, and not all that congruent

Negs and teasing are different! A neg is delivered completely dead-pan and
seriously. It is meant to show absolutely no interest whatsoever.

A tease is a play-fight flirt (say that five times fast) of varying degree
depending on the situation. It is NOT meant to show non-interest.

- Accuse her of trying to seduce you, coming on to you, etc.
Misconstrue her innocent behavior as shameless flirting (the more
absurdly, the better). Then flirt outrageously, but deny any
interest, and present your behavior as innocent (again, the more
absurdly, the better). Run your finger slowly up and down her
arm; if she accuses you of flirting or being interested, tell her
you're just checking for needle marks.
- "I have a, never mind; I can't ask that." If she
insists, ask something utterly outrageous about her sex life. If
she reacts badly, say "Hey, you dragged it out of me! It's all
YOUR fault!" (Pause for response.) "First you make me say it,
then you bad behavior after another! That's it,
you're on probation."
- Read her palm or analyze her handwriting. Say "OOH!! THAT is
interesting!!" When she asks what, say "I don't think you could
handle it. It might be too much for you." No matter what she
says, don't tell her.
- Tell her her shoes are untied if she's wearing pumps, her fly is
down if she's wearing a skirt, she has a run in her stockings if
she's wearing pants. Make fun of her if she looks.
- If she sits down near you, tell her the chair is taken. Repeat
for every chair she tries to sit in. If she asks, the occupant
is in the bathroom. ALL the chairs are occupied by people in
the bathroom.
- Throw food, sugar packets, etc. at her when she's not looking.
Complain about how mean she is for not playing catch with you, and
how bad it makes you feel when she refuses to play by not catching
what you throw. Make your lower lip quiver if you can.
- Do high fives with her, then complain that she's not doing them
with feeling.
- Call her "Megan the meanie" (or whatever her name is) if she won't
flirt or do what you want. Works especially well if you talk and
act like a five-year-old.
- On any provocation, playfully: "I'm gonna have to kick your
ass!" or "Don't make me kick your ass!" Then, if it's appropriate,
wrestle her down.
- Move in to kiss, then throw your finger in front of her lips and
gently push her back.

Okay, guys, hopefully I've primed the pump...what are your ideas and
best teasing stories?


Sent via

Before you buy. Teasing is how I'm used to getting all the girls I currently get -
acting very cheeky and playfully arrogant. Combined with alpha male
purposeness, it works well with young girls.

All of your examples were very cool. I also go sexual with as much of
the teasing as I can, because the girls do picture all the things you
joke about, and those mental images of you get them going. And that's
when you poke them in jest, and establish kino.

I try to make fun of them alot also. I wish I could think of some
examples. Hmm, just teasing them, and telling them that you bet they'd
like things to happen, that you know they don't. And just obviously
bullshitting answers to questions they ask you - making up ridiculous
stories. And also bragging about yourself sexually alot, like about
your attractiveness and stuff...

Like if HBs ever compliment anything about me, I do this...
HB: "I like your accent"
ME: "thanks, I work out" (smiling cheekily)
and I'll answer that to any compliment at all, and they like it.

ME: Oh, you'd love that wouldn't you?
HB: (laughing) no, of course not.
ME: Yes, you would. You'd be in as fast as you could...etc
HB: No!!

You can answer many questions by saying how sexy you are, and how hot
you are, and playfully act like that's what people think and that's
how things are.

Also if you break into a scottish accent and say, "I'm dead sexy I am"
a bunch of times, it goes over well.

Each time you tease her with a comment, you touch her and poke her and

If you say any of these comments and she starts to get angry or
pretends to be, I just put on a deep man-voice and say "You LOVE IT".
And this normally gets them going even more, but while laughing.

If she says anything positive for herself you can turn it around by
saying, "yup, just keep telling yourself that "

Teasing I find is great for stupid girls, because you're still having a
good time despite her stupidity. You're playing with her, rather than
talking to her - which is much more entertaining with dumbshits. I've
had many a fine evening out with a beautiful member of the lower end of
the bell curve, just thanks to the joys of teasing.

Now, I think it works because it establishes to her that you're
confident, that you don't need her, and you're a strong person. It
shows you have a little more power than her. But all this has to be
done with confidence and cheekiness. That I've found is the most
important thing. I make sure my state is confident yet cheeky, with a
bit of a sly grin.

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Before you buy.

>- Accuse her of trying to seduce you, coming on to you, etc.
> Misconstrue her innocent behavior as shameless flirting (the more
> absurdly, the better). Then flirt outrageously, but deny any
> interest, and present your behavior as innocent (again, the more
> absurdly, the better).

This works a treat. This can lead into a sex role reversal "I'm not
that easy you know. Stop trying to smooth talk me just so I'll sleep
with you" etc.

>Run your finger slowly up and down her
> arm; if she accuses you of flirting or being interested, tell her
> you're just checking for needle marks.
>- "I have a, never mind; I can't ask that." If she
> insists, ask something utterly outrageous about her sex life. If
> she reacts badly, say "Hey, you dragged it out of me! It's all
> YOUR fault!" (Pause for response.) "First you make me say it,
> then you bad behavior after another! That's it,
> you're on probation."

Ask her in a disinterested way what she thinks makes someone good at
oral sex. If she starts talking about what makes a man good, switch it
after a while to her blowjob technique. Arouse her curiousity until
she can't wait to become your student.

>- Tell her her shoes are untied if she's wearing pumps, her fly is
> down if she's wearing a skirt, she has a run in her stockings if
> she's wearing pants.
> Make fun of her if she looks.
Have to try this one.

>- On any provocation, playfully: "I'm gonna have to kick your
> ass!" or "Don't make me kick your ass!" Then, if it's appropriate,
> wrestle her down.

A variation on this is "don't make me pin you down and do you. You
know it's what you want but just control yourself, okay?"
Works especially well after you have already had sex with them.

>Okay, guys, hopefully I've primed the pump...what are your ideas and
>best teasing stories?

Excellent post. Lots of great ideas.

Using the NLP "pink elephant" theory. Accuse her of being obsessed
with sex (for no apparent reason or when she makes the slightest
innuendo). And tell her stuff like

"Stop thinking about sex. Don't think about me kissing up your thigh,
spreading your legs" etc. etc.

Putting on a sleazy voice and saying "outrageous" things like "you
know you want it bay-beeee" can work very well.

I am familiar with the whole Neg Theory here. And it's really nothing new
as I have pointed out before. In fact some cultures are Masters at this. It
also dates back to a time when peasants and slaves couldn't really say what
was on their mind, so they would disguise their intentions in some
long-winded, flowery sounding bullshit that sounded like a compliment, but
was designed to bring the target down a notch. Some Arab cultures are very
good at this to this day.

Before I found ASF, I always had very good results from more direct
Teasing and Insults. Of course it's mostly done in a good-natured sort of
way. AND you can completely alienate some chicks with this tactic.

I seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to WHO this will work on. My
intuition just seems to tell me when this tactic will work. My mind must be
keying-in on little telltale signs that I'm not completely aware of? This
is one reason that I am posting this. I am looking for feedback from the
group. I have not been able to come-up with a reliable road map for others
as to what type of chick this works on. It ABSOLUTELY seems to work on many
of the HOTTEST HBs.

I remember years ago, a friend and I went to a Strip Club in Texas. I
didn't have time to tell him ALL my theories on doing strippers, so I told
him just to "RAG" on ALL of them, and the tactic should stick on at least
ONE of them.

My friend ended up being MUCH harder with his insults and teasing than I
usually am. And most of the girls in the bar were asking me why my friend
is such an ASSHOLE. BUT, it wasn't long before the FINEST HB10 stripper in
the bar was litterally THROWING herself at him. I don't remember everything
he said to her, but I do remember him calling her "Chicken Legs" quite

I think she asked him to dance, and he said that she had chicken legs and
would probably just lay an egg in his lap or something.

To make a long story short, she did everything she could to try to win his
approval, and at the end of the night, she litterally jumped into the truck
with us and asked where we were going. She was so desperate to win him over
that she fucked BOTH of us, at his suggestion.

I have hundred of such stories that illustrate how powerfull this method
is. More recently, I used it on a Hooters Waitress....

I thought that she was the MOST attractive HB in the place...

HB: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot your water, I'll get it.

Me: That's good because you really don't want to get on my bad side?

HB: What? Why is that?

Me: Well, I'm part Indian!

HB: (with a confused look) What does that have to do with anything?

Me: I'm a member of the "Slap-a-ho" Tribe. (Got this from a black comic.
Can't remember his name)

HB: (laughing) I'm NOT a HO ! ( you have to remember that this Hooters
was FULL of AFCs drooling over these fine bitches and acting all "proper".)

Me: Yeah, I bet you've seen more ceilings than Michealangelo!

HB: (Laughing) Leaves and goes over to the cash register to tell some of
the other girls what I said and they start laughing. Some of the other HBs
start coming over to our table to Kick-It with us.

HB: returns and says "Here's your water, you're not going to slap me are

Me: Slapping is only ONE option. Remember, the "Slap-a-ho" tribe is a
member of the "SPANK-A-HO" NATION. Then I made some sort of comment
comparing her to a Mac Computer because "You are USER FRIENDLY". Which I
guess is a sort of embedded command.

To make a long story short, I continued to DOG her at the amusement of all
the other Hooters girls. The TARGET began throwing herself at me and
invited me to a "Get Together" after work. I continued to DOG her even
after fucking her.

I remember laying in bed with her after fucking her and watching the Cindy
Margolis show. I made a comment that Cindy is a Hot Bitch and I started
jacking-off under the covers while watching Cindy on TV. I did this just to
fuck with HBHooters mind and she came unglued. She jumped on my cock with
her face and ended up giving me a fuck that was ten times better than the
one before. She even took it up the ass which was virgin territory.

Anyway, I was interested in hearing other people's experiences in making an
HB the butt of your jokes and insults.

I know that it is ASF dogma NOT to insinuate that a chick is a slut. BUT,
for some of the hotter ones, the phsychological button that is pushed by
the jokes and teasing seems to be much stronger than the "Slut Factor". Oh,
by the way, HBHooters was only 23. Young enough to be my daughter! Put
that in your pipe and "Smoke-It" Mystery!

Also, have you older guys noticed that HBs tend to think that YOU are MUCH
better in bed than their YOUNGER "boyfriends" ? Maybe it's experience?

Michael S.

PS Also, ATTITUDE is important with the teasing game. If you have the
right attitude, you can say almost ANYTHING. If you try this with the
demeanor of an AFC, you will probably get SMOKED !

My night out sargin to make up for the fuckup on HB9 was kinda crappy.
5#close, of which two in retrospect sort of turn me off characterwise
but might pass for a quickie, two sisters (7/7.5) who were walking
around giggling outside the club, and the UG jealosy factor that was
with them. Well. Might call one of them next week or something when
I'm bored.

Anyways, here's something I came up with intuitively. When you're with
a HB, steal any object from her (like a cigarette, frisbee, gum,
anything) and say "smoking isn't healthy" or any stupid reason why she
shouldn't have the object, then hold it in front of her as if you give
it back, and pull it away when she grabs it. Repeat until DDB
It's amazing how long most babes will go along with this if you're
playful and smile. In time she'll probably start grabbing your arm
trying to pull it down. Hold the object up over her for some nice tit
kino when your chest meets hers

I could do this for hours.

- Take something off her - Hat, glasses, etc. (GS)
- Mimic her a couple of times if she says something in a particularly
weird/funny tone (GS)
- Mimic her if she does something/moves in some funny way (GS)
- tickling (PFAL)
- pull her hair (PFAL)
- tap on one shoulder and be on the other. (PiQL)
- Snapping bra-straps (PiQL)
- playing keep-away (PiQL)
- saying their name over and over (PiQL)
- "im not touching you! im not touching you!" (PiQL)
- Accuse her of trying to seduce you (DD/Jonathan Ashton)
- "I have a, never mind; I can't ask that." and NEVER ask it
no matter what she says (Jonathan Ashton/GS)
- Or, read her palm, handwriting, say "OOH!! THAT is interesting!!" When
she asks what, say "I don't think you could handle it. It might be too much
for you." No matter what she says, don't tell her. (Jonathan Ashton)
- Tell her her shoes are untied if she's wearing pumps, her fly is down if
she's wearing a skirt, she has a run in her stockings if she's wearing
pants. Make fun of her if she looks. (Jonathan Ashton)
- If she sits down near you, tell her the chair is taken. Repeat for every
chair she tries to sit in. If she asks, the occupant is in the bathroom.
ALL the chairs are occupied by people in the bathroom. (Jonathan Ashton)
- Throw food, sugar packets, etc. at her when she's not looking. Complain
about how mean she is for not playing catch with you, and how bad it makes
you feel when she refuses to play by not catching what you throw. Make your
lower lip quiver if you can. (Jonathan Ashton)
- Do high fives with her, then complain that she's not doing them with
feeling. (Jonathan Ashton)
- Call her "Megan the meanie" (or whatever her name is) if she won't flirt
or do what you want. Works especially well if you talk and act like a
five-year-old. (Jonathan Ashton)
- On any provocation, playfully: "I'm gonna have to kick your ass!" or
"Don't make me kick your ass!" Then, if it's appropriate, wrestle her down.
(Jonathan Ashton)
- Move in to kiss, then throw your finger in front of her lips and gently
push her back. (Jonathan Ashton)
- tell her "on my planet we have a custon of kissing each others' ankles",
and made her participate (or something similarly silly) (Jonathan Ashton)
- Roughhousing. (see "Wild Fratboy Method"). Like starting a game of tag so
you can tackle her on people's lawns. Get her running around and her heart
racing while getting lots of kino in. (Rush274)
- ask random chicks if they would want to join "my fanclub". chick: "why?" -
"because I'm GREAT! you don´t have to do much, just the normal things,
cheering at me when I walk past, following me through the club, buy me
drinks, dance for me, all the things that the average groupies do (kooper)
- blatantly hitting on ALL girls in a group (kooper)

Can I ask you a kind of personal question?" [wait for a yes] "Good.
Thanks." [turn your back]

"I've got a GREAT knock-knock joke [very low key, here, as you set the
trap] - you start...." make sure you're WHO'S THERE is a bit loud and

Q.:"Wanna dance?" A.: "I don't." If there's no music and she mentions it,
say "Hum a little while you do."

If she has an unusual item of clothing or hairstyle, ask her, "Are you
serious?!" She'll be puzzled and ask what about. Press the point. "C'mon are
you SERIOUS?!!!" once you get the yes, hit her with, "Then why are you
wearing that !"

"I know how to handle girls like you: pull their hair, spank their ass and
say, "Go ahead! Tell mom and dad! Get out of my room!""

"Are your hands clean? I need somebody to hold it while I pee."

Compare something, starting with "You know how..." Make it long and
involved. Then say, "Not like that."
"How can I compare it? Hmm. Y'know how they made the monster look in the
new version of Godzilla? NOT LIKE THAT."

"Can I ask you a kind of personal question?" [wait for a yes] "Good.
Thanks." [turn your back]

"I've got a GREAT knock-knock joke [very low key, here, as you set the
trap] - you start...." make sure you're WHO'S THERE is a bit loud and

Q.:"Wanna dance?" A.: "I don't." If there's no music and she mentions it,
say "Hum a little while you do."

If she has an unusual item of clothing or hairstyle, ask her, "Are you
serious?!" She'll be puzzled and ask what about. Press the point. "C'mon are
you SERIOUS?!!!" once you get the yes, hit her with, "Then why are you
wearing that !"

"I know how to handle girls like you: pull their hair, spank their ass and
say, "Go ahead! Tell mom and dad! Get out of my room!""

"Are your hands clean? I need somebody to hold it while I pee."

Compare something, starting with "You know how..." Make it long and
involved. Then say, "Not like that."
"How can I compare it? Hmm. Y'know how they made the monster look in the
new version of Godzilla? NOT LIKE THAT."

- talking to a 2-set tell the target the other one has just fallen in love
with you (not really a tease though)
- I always get asked "Where are you from?" as I'm in a foreign country
(Japan). I played the "you have to guess game", the first guess was wrong
(she said xxx country) so I hassled her that she then must loves xxx guys.
Picked a bad trait from xxx and tell her she must love guys that do/have

Stuff like this usually has to be situational. If she's talking to a little
kid say "Isn't he a little young for you?". That's just an example, steal it
if you want. Stuff like this needs to be funny, otherwise you're just a dick.
You need to think of your own examples for this kind of stuff. That way it is
more congruent. You want to leave her wondering whether you were serious or
not. This will peak her interest in you and you can proceed with whatever you
normally do when you're talking to a girl who is interested in you.

Credit - SIlver MASF

Good post on direct game - Jack Bauers rules

Here's a post by Jack Bauer off MASF on gaame

Haven't posted much in a while, so I figured I'd post the list of rules that I use to refresh my memory and remind me of the way that I like to run super-effective game.
Most of what's in here is Inner Game stuff; mindsets, attitudes, and beliefs that bring out the best in me. Game isn't about becoming someone else. It's about letting out the best parts of what's already there in you.

I hate indirect game because it pre-supposes that she has higher value than you and would react negatively if you hit on her. This is a limiting belief and it's bullshit. I hate routines because it pre-supposes you have to act like a fucking monkey to MAKE HER want to sleep with you. Again, bullshit...she's biologically programmed to fuck the Alpha ARE the Alpha male, so what the fuck do you need routines for? Just show your status and let nature take it's course. Everything that follows is based around this philosophy.

Everything outside the brackets is the actual text that I use and review for myself. Reading it over I realized that a lot of it requires elaboration, so that's in the brackets. This is the best of the best stuff I've compiled from 3.5 years on mASF, and all of it is massively, massively field-tested. Hopefully, some of you will find it useful. Credit for these ideas is all over the place; lots goes to Franco, Kwag, OE, GP, and Neo-Rio.

You guys all kick ass.

1. See how TRON is LIVIN!!!! [This is an anchor designed to put me into a pumped, hilarious, manic state. Use something that works for you; something that makes you laugh every time and fills you with that crazy energy. For me, all I have to do is say these words, and I'm in that "zone". For those of you who don't know this one, see the Real World episode of Chappelle's Show, season One. ]

2. Absolute faith and joy; life kicks ass. [You must be as sure of achieving your goals as you are that your house will still be there when you get home. This takes work; definite, daily work. Know what you want, spend time every day visualizing it, and doing whatever you need to do on a daily basis so that you RESPECT yourself and walk around in a state of total FAITH and CONFIDENCE. All those shit-tests that women throw at you, THIS is what they're testing for; your own certainty and confidence that you make things happen in the world.]

3. YOU are the chooser. YOU are the prize. Every woman is aching for an Alpha like you to come into her life. Know it. The Alpha gets to fuck whoever he wants.

4. Everyone gets a chance. Everyone gets a sexual fantasy. Everyone gets included. Make people feel amazing; discover what is wonderful about them, whether you're into them or not. You can always be pleasantly surprised. [A HUGE part of my Inner Game is to gaze into a woman's left eye and sexually fantasize about her, and I do this with every woman I meet, even if she looks like Ichabod Crane. Everyone gets a fantasy...everyone gets a chance to show their stuff, to show what makes them special. I think this is very close to what Ijjjji talks about in his posts on Appreciation. See guys, all the stuff about negs and breaking women down is designed to equalize the value; it assumes that HER value is higher than yours, and then knocks her down a few pegs so that the two of you are on equal footing. If this works for you, then great. But I have SO COMPLETELY internalized the idea that I am the Prize and I am the Leader that to start negging people right off the bat is just RUDE. I work with a LOT of movie stars in my career and I can tell you that they go around making EVERYONE feel amazing, and they can do so because their value is off-the-charts high. THAT is why they├»¿½re stars.]

5. Think sex. She just wants to be bent over. Keep it sexual. The "Super Good Girl" only exists in fairy tales; every woman wants sex more than you do. They need it, and an Alpha male should think that's a BEAUTIFUL thing. Female sexuality is amazing, so encourage women to express it, explore it...see how deep the rabbit hole goes. [Whoever you're talking to, whoever your girlfriend is, she's nastier and hornier than you, and thinks about sex WAAAYYY more often. Trust me. You don't see men spending thousands of dollars on make-up and breast implants.]

6. Know you are always the Leader. Empower people, bring them together, and include everyone. [This is really important. You can't just game your target; you must game the whole group. You must include her friends. You must LOVINGLY, CHARMINGLY take leadership over everyone.] Facilitate everyone's good time by having impeccable manners. Look out for people. [Know everyone's name and what they're about. Find out what you have in common. Be a gentleman; giving a girl your coat because you're trying to fuck her is lame. Doing it because you're the Alpha male and you look out for your tribe is fucking SEXY. Understand the difference.] Have a plan that creates fun, amazing opportunities. [You must have a plan. You must have a fun, cool outcome in mind and gently guide everyone into it. In every group, someone is the Leader; you're either leading or you're being lead. Don't be uptight about this! It's enough to have a plan and know you're the leader; if you're strong in that reality, everyone else will get sucked in.] Keep your Rank. [This is KEY. It's very, very rare that someone overtly challenges my leadership of the group, but when they do, you must keep your Rank. Do not do ANYTHING that will lower it. Challenges to your leadership should be FUNNY to you, like when a 4-year-old girl tells her Daddy what to do. Daddy doesn't get mad, he just laughs and hugs her cause it's so cute, and then does what he wants. This is how you handle it.] If anyone fucks with one of your people, CRUSH THEM. [This is more about an attitude than anything else. I'm an expert martial artist even though I never get in fights, and I believe that if you have enough game to get girls then you should be verbally skilled enough to defuse just about any situation. HOWEVER, if someone fucks with one of your people, you must be mentally prepared to KNOCK THEM OFF THE FUCKING PLANET. The entire purpose of the Alpha male, the reason for his existence, is to lead the group and guard their safety, so if you don't have the balls to bear your fangs and put someone's head through the wall, you have no business claiming leadership over the group. You're a paper tiger. You're Jimmy fucking Carter. Instead, be Julius Caesar ready to burn cities to the ground to protect your people.]

7. Put a price to your leadership by always putting people to do things for you. [Don't forget this. Compliance, compliance, compliance. Expect people to pull their weight, the way a General would.]

8. Treat women like gold from a dominant frame. They already belong to you. Make them feel great. Never treat a woman like a man; it's a huge insult. [It feels really shitty when a woman you're attracted to looks at you like her dickless girlfriend, so don't do that to women! I don't care if she's been your best friend since you were six; she is a woman, and you are a man, and anything can happen. You must relate to her as a sexual being, even if you're not interested. You must validate her as a woman, even if you're not interested. You must fantasize about fucking her while you're talking to her, even if you're not interested. Maintain the sexual context.] Always keep it sexual, and MAKE A MOVE. You must go for it, that means making it really obvious you want her, once she qualifies. Isolate, escalate, penetrate...again and again.

9. Zero in on a target and isolate as quickly as possible. [Once you've got the whole group, you pick someone and isolate, fast.] Then Rapport. Slow. Way. Down. Sexual fantasy. Eye contact. She is your whole world. [As killswitch would say, make her your entire AR.] Focus on PROCESS; make her rich describe the states you want her to be in. This is how resistance is overcome. "What's it like when..." [Quick example; I'm talking to a girl who's like a fucking brick wall. She just won't open up to me. I only get a few perfunctory details about how she's in an acting class. I ask: "What kind of exercises do you do in there?" She then mentions some bullshit exercise they do designed to free you up and release your impulses on stage. Bingo. I ask: "Really? That sounds what does it feel like when you're doing that?" As she describes the state of performing that exercise, she experiences the same feeling of being "free" and "open" that the exercise creates...and then she GOES INTO that state. BAM! She opens up after that. This is much more effective than saying some bullshit like, "'re not that open of a person, are you?" Why do that when you can have her describe something that creates the state that you want? Then you deepen it by Rich Describing (credit: Franco) the whole thing back to her in stronger terms: "Wow...that must feel so amazing, to be up on that stage, filled with all that excitement and nervous energy just tingling up your spine...etc."]

10. Elicit Values; get that life story, and know what it means. Know the kind of woman you're dealing with, and whether you want her for FB, LTR, mLTR, etc. You don't go to Kinko's to buy a fucking piano, and you don't go to a strip club to find your future wife. [You must find out what's important to her in a relationship, and then validate those things as a reward for opening up to you. DAFS if you don't get this. You must find out her relationship with her mother, her father, and a little about her relationship history. This will give you the ROAD MAP to seducing her, and is ABSOLUTELY necessary for screening. Watch out for EFA's at this point (again, DAFS for Franco's legendary post on EFA's for more on this.)]

11. SOI!!! When she does something sexy, you look right into her eyes and tell her so. [Just like that; "Oh my God...when you crinkle your nose like that, it's so fucking sexy! Oh, there it is again!"]

12. ESCALATE: Establish physical comfort by touching right away and then always pushing the envelope. It is your job as a man. The coolest way to escalate is to do it while talking about something totally mundane, i.e. "Who do you think you're going to vote for?" (hand up the skirt).

13. REWARDS AND PUNISHMENTS: REWARD her for opening up to you; give her validation and relate to what she's saying. Show more interest when someone gives you what you want, and PUNISH by putting your interest elsewhere when she doesn't. [Read that sentence again, guys. When she's giving you what you want, she gets MORE interest, more interaction. When she's not, your interest goes someplace else...this is the logic behind everything from backturns to not calling for two weeks. AFC's CLING TIGHTER when they don't get what they want. Alphas move on to someone else; you're the Leader...people are either contributing, or they're out in the fucking cold.]

14. Don't care what she's thinking or about the content of what she's saying. Her state is what matters to you. Use pre-suppositions. [Totally ignore the logical content of everything she's saying. Its meaningless bullshit. I believe that you need a lot of field experience to really understand how true this is.]

15. Its her job as a woman to test your Frame. Every Test is an IOI; she wants to control you and she's horny cause she can't. [(credit: Kwag)] It's not just enough to blow it off, you have to blow it off and escalate. Laugh about it, ignore it, put her fucking hand on your cock, make her suck it, and then put her to do something for you.

16. Control that 101...make her feel great, but never let her feel she has you completely. The moment she stops wondering just how much you like her, it's all over. The tension comes from believing she might lose you, so make her believe it. Every woman is a 6 (Franco). Never let her ask, "How much do I want him?" because she's always wondering "How much does he want me?" (Ijjjji).

17. PPP: Playful Push/Pull. Bust them on the things they're totally confident of, and build them up on the things they're insecure about. [i.e., Give models a chance to show you that they're brilliant and outgoing, and then validate that...but then tell them their hair is too short, or a mess, or their perfume is too strong, or that you don't date models anymore because they're boring. This creates challenge because the things she's 100% confident about (i.e. her looks) aren't going to work on you, so she needs to use her brain (which she's insecure about). But it's MUCH more rewarding for her when you finally DO validate her mind precisely BECUASE she's way insecure about it.] Again, and again, and again. The whip and the rose...but playful! Just relax, and have fun with it. [The playful part is key. You're teasing, having fun, making her're not tearing her down, here. As Franco says, a good PUA has a whip in one hand and a rose in the other, and constantly switches back and forth between the two. It's a great image.]

18. Be balls out real. Impudence. Rules are for other people. [Another quintessential quality of movie stars is that when they decide they want something, they will go balls to the wall to get it. They are a fucking FORCE OF NATURE. Develop this quality in yourself by SMASHING THROUGH your inhibitions.]

19. Keep your Frame tight; don't do Boyfriend-type activities with an FB. It's just rude. [My idiot friend just cooked dinner for his FB's Mom, and now she's freaking out because he doesn't want a relationship. His totally incongruent behavior has fucked the whole thing.]

20. Never give a fuck. Nothing is a big deal. Never care what she's thinking. What kind of man gets all bent out of shape over some work-trash ho? (credit: Player Supreme, obviously...who the fuck else would say that?) The Alpha male can fuck whoever he wants to. Just go grab someone new.

21. Re-game her again and again; never stop giving great emotions, great push/pull, great fun, and GREAT fucking. Remember, the moment she knows she has you, without any problems or challenges, her interest starts to wane. [You have to sing for your supper, guys. You have to re-game her again and again. Regardless of what kind of "arrangement" you guys have, if you don't make her horny, you ain't getting any.]

Hope some of you find this useful, I review it every day and it's cracked things wide open for me. Love to hear feedback.


Credit - Jack Bauer MASF

Sunday, 13 January 2008

The apocalypse opener

Balls out direct game opener from Ciaran, RSD staff

Chat up lines don't work. That's the main problem with them.

I mean, we all know this. If there was a simple line you could just spiel out and get a girl, the community wouldn't be as big as it is.

The fact is, getting a girl isn't really about what you say. It's about what you DEMONSTRATE and what you PROJECT.


What if there WAS a chat up line that did work? What if there was a chat up line that led to an instant makeout? What then?


What I am about to share with you is some potent fucking shit.

Do you understand?


When I showed this to Jeffy, he took one look at it, then nodded, and said "That's some potent fucking shit."

My point is this.

If you cannot handle doing Shock and Awe, you are not ready for this shit yet.

This is NOT a magic pill.

If you are a broken fucking value taking Gollum-like chode who wants to 'get one over' on women and life, who wants to seek petty vengeance for the myriad grudges that you nurse on a daily basis to justify the uselessness of your pathetic existence... this will not work.

How do I know this?

Because I've been that chode.

Get your inner game sorted.

I recommend the work of Eckhart Tolle.

So with no further ado, gents, here we go. I hope you're sitting comfortably.


About 18 months ago I was in the smoking area of a pub on Edinburgh's Royal Mile. It's very picturesque. There's a castle and everything. Anyway, this time I'm out with just ONE girl. She's a good friend of mine, and for matters of convenience and privacy, we shall call her Susan.

So me and Susan are chatting away, and the subject wanders on to chat-up lines. I asked her what the worst chat-up line she ever heard was and she gave me some chodely horror-story of unimaginable lameness.

Then I asked her

"So... what's the best chat up line you've ever heard?"

Susan considered this for a while, and then said this:

"Ok, this one guy had a great one a while back. It worked on me."

"What do you mean, it worked on you?"

"It worked. I banged him."

"Nice. You're very ladylike."

Susan smiled politely.

"So what was it?" I asked.


"Well," she said, "it goes like this...

What she then told me made me literally choke on my beer. It was genius. I will never know who this man is, but whoever he is he deserves a prize. A big, shiny Nobel prize.

Here it is, lads:

You rock up to a chick and, in a confident, level voice you say

"Hey, how's it going."

She will say


You then say

"Cool. What are you doing later?"

She will say

"I'm not sure."

You then say

"Do you want to come home with me?"

Then you hold.



HOLD IT MY SON..........................

HOLD THE FUCKING LINE..................

Boom. Makeout.

And that's the Apocalypse opener. You don't 'build rapport.' You don't 'elicit values.' You don't 'kino escalate.' You don't even ask her fucking NAME. You ask if she wants to sleep with you in the THIRD SENTENCE, hold the line, and reap the whirlwind.


Nope. It is and remains the most amazingly powerful chat up line I've ever seen in my life. I realise that you're all just shaking your heads with a million problems that you can see with doing this, so let's go through this step-by-step.


Well, let me tell you a story.

After hearing this, I resolved to give it a go. I went out to a bar that night, and walked about the place.

Now, at this point I wasn't by any means a Jedi, but I wasn't shit. I could consistently open, I could flirt, I could get the occasional makeout. What I'm saying is that I'd gotten to a point where I could approach without that much anxiety.

Dude, I was shitting my pants. Mother of God, man. Looking at all these beautiful women, just the thought of going up to one of them and coming OUT with this shit was terrifying. I sank pint after pint of booze. I walked around some more. I drank more booze. I lurked in the corner for a while. I was still shitting my pants without a SINGLE approach when the bouncers started herding people out the door.

Fuck. I'd missed my chance.

No. No, no, no. No way. Not me. Not now. I was going to do this. If I crashed out, if I messed up, whatever - I'd take the pain. I was going to say this. Honestly, it felt like my VERY FIRST APPROACH all over again. I was really, really scared.

I walked out of the bar into the milling crowd. Fuck it. I'm going to do this. Someone. Anyone.

And there she was. Delicate, like a fairy almost. Red hair, really rich and deep red, and a quirky dress that melted my heart.


Fuckitty fuck fuck. We're going in.

Ok, Ciaran. Concentrate on getting the first line out. That's not so bad.

"Hey" I blurt.

"Hey." She's even prettier close up. DO IT, CIARAN. DO IT!!

"How's it going?"

"Not bad."

"What are you up to later?"

"Not sure."


"Do you want to come home with me?

She looks at me. She's gauging. I've never felt attention this intense. It's like a laserbeam scorching me for any signs of incongruence. Luckily enough, she's hot, so there aren't any. The urge to say something, to break the tension is PALPABLE. I CLAMP my jaw tight shut to silence myself.

She sways backward, stunned. Then she jumps me. Physically lunges forward and puts her tongue in my mouth.


Incidentally, there was a guy there - a very strong natural - who had been hitting on her all evening, and had got her to agree to come back to his (I found this all out later). Didn't matter. Blew him the fuck away with this ONE SENTENCE.

This girl wasn't a slut. She wasn't a freak. She was a cool, normal chick.

She was hot too. Really hot.



So why does this work? Is it magic?

Well actually, there's no magic here. It's all really simple, and rests on EXACTLY the reason I gave at the start of the article for why chat-up lines don't work.

It's not about what you say.

It's about what you DEMONSTRATE and what you PROJECT.

Let's go back to that sunny afternoon on Edinburgh. I'm in the smoking area, talking to Susan.

So anyway, I finish choking on my beer.

"What? He said what?"

"Do you want to come home with me."

And what did you do?

"Well, I didn't jump him straight away, but I was just really impressed that he had the balls to come out with something like that."

"Yeah. Wow, that certainly is an impressive introduction."

"Damn straight. After that all he needed to do was just maybe buy me a drink or something and I was his."



So let's look at this, straight from the horses' mouth. So to speak.

She was REALLY IMPRESSED that he had the BALLS to COME OUT with something like that.


The power of this opener is massive. It lies in the fact that it is HONEST. It is genuine to the turbo-max.

All of my 'game' is based around this principal. Be genuine, but be genuine times 1000. Don't just 'be yourself', fucking BE yourself. Be yourself to the motherfucking HILT.

Do you understand?


If you do this, a girl will be really impressed that you DEMONSTRATE the courage to say this. And believe me, you cannot fake it. This shit takes balls.


I'm not going to lie to you. It is SCARY doing the Apocalypse Opener.

But that's good. That's WHY it works.

Because it is genuinely scary, it is INCREDIBLY impressive. But you need the balls to come out with it.


At the same time, your delivery itself - and here's the crazy thing - is actually NOT THAT IMPORTANT.

I know. Nuts.

The truth is, the first time I said this I was SCARED. Really, really scared.

It still worked.

It's so powerful. You don't need to be amazing, and you don't need the inner game of the Fonz to attempt this. I didn't have much inner game at all when I started reeling it out.

All you need to do is NOT CRUMBLE.

That is all. Just come out with it, then don't crumble.


The key to making it work is not how you say it, but what you do in the 30 seconds after it's left your mouth.

Before I talk specifics, let's state the single CARDINAL SIN of the Apocalypse, which is the ONLY THING that can blow you out.


That's it. Don't be weird. You have to deliver the opener deadpan. Like you are talking about the WEATHER. You are not making a BIG THING of it. You're just ASKING.

You are not MOCKING. You are not JOKING. You are not TOO SERIOUS.

It is NOT PLAYFUL however - it is REAL.


If she says no - you only need ONE COMEBACK.

It is this:


Then you strike up a 'normal' conversation about the colour of the wallpaper, or the music that's playing, or the fact that you did your laundry earlier today.



You will know because you will see two things in that girl's eyes.

Shock, motherfucker. SHOCK and AWE.

If she looks shocked, you've got her. If she looks stunned, she's yours. If she takes it in her stride, she's the coolest cucumber in the world, and you should probably marry her. extremely fast.


It never backfires as long as you don't panic.

That's right - there is only ONE THING you must NOT DO while using the Apocalypse Opener...

And that is to lose your shit like a fucking pussy.

I know. Crazy. As long as you aren't weird, or creepy, it never backfires.


You are not trying to PERSUADE HER TO SLEEP WITH YOU.

This is so UTTERLY CRUCIAL I am going to write it in red letters.

You are not trying to PERSUADE HER TO SLEEP WITH YOU.

You are just putting the OPTION in front of her. If she says no, you say 'ok' and talk about your nephew's new pet dog. Or whatever.

If you do this in a creepy or sleazy way, you will be shot down like a blind, 96-year old German who doesn't know the war's ended, doing a strafing run on a US Destroyer-Class Battleship in a Messerschmitt Me 262.

That is to say, extremely quickly.

So DO NOT ATTEMPT to ENTICE her into sleeping with you.

This is important NOT JUST in the vibe of the line itself (where, again, it is absolutely crucial). It is important in what comes after.


She'll only jump you, in my experience, about 30-50% of the time.

Equally, this is a MASSIVE percentage for ONE LINE.

However, the other 50-70% of the time, she will not jump you. Not for at least 6 or 7 minutes.

This is FINE. Just chill out. She will be testing you for signs of neediness but remember - all you need to do is talk about the WEATHER.

You do not need to do anything else to ATTRACT her. That phase is OVER. She will be stunned by what you said. Now all you need to do, and I cannot OVERSTRESS this, is ACT NORMAL.

This is, incidentally, the only place where it is ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE for you to buy her a drink, for three reasons:

1: It shows you are normal
2: It acts a kind of 'token wooing' to sate her girly ego
3: It shows you are normal


Just ACT NORMAL for the love of God. Talk about anything. She will be SUPER-INTO-YOU. She just wants to know you're not a serial killer before she takes you home.


Then you're a pussy.

I've opened girls on the street with it. Successfully. They don't normally jump you, but they do find it fun, cool and engagingly forward. And sometimes they jump you.

It works brilliantly in a bar or club, but you don't need to save it to the end of the evening unless you're looking for a good night out. After a while (I'm not kidding, this really happens) it gets kind of frustrating when you want a night out with your friends and you keep getting dragged off by chicks.

No, really.

Anyway, you can do this anywhere. You can open with it at the start of the night. You can open with it at the end of the night.

Incidentally, I have never had a bad reaction from a woman when doing this. Ever. Even if you accidentally slip into sleaze, she'll just walk off, but this rarely happens.

This one hooks like a motherfucker.

The other thing is this- if she walks off in shock, do not follow her. Let her go. She'll be back in about 15 seconds. Maximum 60.


You never stare. You look. Empty your mind, young grasshopper. Read the Power Of Now. You lock eyes with her. That is all - but then again I would argue that you lock eyes with her all the time. In fact, I would argue that you lock eyes with everyone you interact with in your entire life.

Just look at her. Calm. Level. Like your question is completely normal and in context. She will break.



In fact, it is awesome when she says no... because it gives you an opportunity to demonstrate a reality stronger than cobalt steel.

Here's what you do.

If she says no, you say "ok" in the same tone of voice as if you had offered her a prawn cocktail crisp and she had said "no thank you." Then you ask her what she thought of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 or something.

Or you talk about the burger you had for breakfast or what the weather was like last tuesday or what-fucking-ever.

In 10 minutes (tops) she'll be on your face.



You CANNOT do this if a girl is within earshot of her friends. If it's a club, you can do it with only a few feet of distance between her and her mates because of the loud noise.

The important thing is that she feels that it is a private exchange for EXACTLY the reason you think. If you do this in front of her mate she will look at you like you're scum and blow you out.

Amazingly, this never, ever happens, ever, if she is on her own.


Gotta love em.


No. Remember - this is COOL. You deliver this in the same tone as if you're asking about the weather. Not a throwaway line, mind...

Just a genuine, totally normal, direct question.

Boom, mofos.


Of course you can. Stop asking stupid questions.

You can start a relationship off a purely sexual one night stand no problem.

As Tim once said - there's a time and a place for emotional connection.

After sex.



It loses power and effectiveness rapidly the longer you wait to say it.

The power and impact of this derives from the fact that you are balls out opening with the option of sex.

You can say it later, of course - and she might not freak out. You may get a makeout, and it will increase attraction as long as you can hold your shit and cope with fallout - but if you do it later she also might just bolt.

If you're looking for an instant hook up, do this fast.


Your two cents are worthless.

Dude, I'm not here to debate abstract concepts of female attraction and how they relate to looks.

I'm telling you that this works regardless of what you look like, because that is what I have seen, over and over again, with my own eyes.

Quasimodo could pull this off if he had big enough balls.

I don't care if you believe me. This works. I know because I've done it, I've seen others do it.

At no point have looks ever been even an incidental factor in the success of this line.

I have consistently pulled model hot chicks with this while looking like a tramp.

Anyone who thinks looks matter... even in the slightest... when it comes to being good with girls, is a fucking pussy ass chode. If you think differently, you are a chode, and your opinion is irrelevant.

Now sit in the corner, and think about what you've done.


Hahahahaha! Oh! AHAHAHA! OOOOOOH!









They will dude. Your beliefs are irrelevant. They will.

Oh yes.

They will.


Rock up to two chicks and say exactly the same thing, with this interesting twist:

"Hey, how's it going."

They will say


You then say

"Cool. What are you doing later?"

They will say

"I'm not sure."

You then say

"What are the chances of you two coming back to mine for a threesome?"

Then you hold.



HOLD IT MY SON..........................

HOLD THE FUCKING LINE..................


That 'Boom' incidentally, is the heart of the S+A system.

It's where you see it in a girl's eyes. Shock, and awe.

It is the most rewarding thing you'll ever see after years in the wasteland being ignored by women. Most men go their whole lives and never see it. It's amazing. After you've seen it a few times it changes you, changes your whole outlook on life. It's like something connects, deep inside you. Some long-lost circuit. After I'd done this a couple of times my whole voice changed, became more resonant. It was awesome.

So that, my friends, is the Apocalypse Opener. The only chat-up line I ever found that actually works. I've spoken about it at length, because I want to hammer home one point.

It works. It's not THAT hard to do. You DO NOT NEED to be amazing at this to pull this off. If you can blurt it out and hold your nerve, you can do this.

Now get out there, and nail this shit to the ground.

'Jealous girlfriend' my hairy white ass.

Peace out

(Credit - Ciaran RSD)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

David Shade's Eye Contact experiment

David Shade is the author of whats generally considered the best sex manual in the community.. called David Shade's Manual. Highly recommended.

Here's one of his earlier posts that are recommended advice for newbies (or even experienced PUAs) on eye contact.

> I've been reading the many helpful posts by all the experienced
> I was wondering how the experts utilize eye contact. Do you guys when
> you first see a girl you like try to establish eye contact? What
> happens after you get eye contact? For some reason, when I make eye
> contact with a girl, I feel like I'm violting her in some sort of way.
> It's as if a girl can sense that I'm lusting after her with my eyes.

That's what you want her to sense.

I posted this once, and I will cut and paste it again...

Eye Contact Experiment

I asked one woman friend of mine "why did you go out with him?"
and she replied: "because when I looked at him he kept eye contact with

When I recall the very successful people I have had the pleasure of working for in the
corporate world, I remember that they all maintained eye contact while speaking to me.
When you watch somebody successful being interviewed on TV, like Scott McNealy of
Sun, you notice that they never look away from their interviewer's eyes
and they rarely blink.

You are approaching a chick in the hall as you walk towards each other. When should
you look at her? (Her eyes, silly. If you look at anything else, it's over.) I have tried
combinations. If I wait until the last instant, I either find she is not looking, or, if
she is
looking, she quickly looks away. If I look at her and she looks at me and I look away,
then she never looks again. Then I tried something bold and decide I will look at her
eyes the entire time. To my amazement, she gazes like a deer into headlights. Never
breaks eye contact. So I decide to try this little experiment.

Recently I spent a week attending meetings in one of our buildings filled with educated
successful professional women in their 20's and 30's. Most are definitely doable. Some
are gorgeous. Some are married, some are not. I spent my time between meetings trying
this: I would pick a different floor and I would walk down each hall, walking just
to the right of center. When I saw a woman walking towards me, I maintained looking at
her eyes. Only the heavy ones did not keep looking. But for all the others, including the
gorgeous ones, they maintained eye contact the entire time. I never blinked. They never
blinked. They broke eye contact only when we were just about next to each other. I
broke eye contact only after she did. What really amazed me was that by the time we
passed, almost every chick had broken a smile. Some even said "Hi." I did not smile or
say Hi until they first did.

These halls were not long. Each woman was no farther than 30 feet away when I first
saw her. But what if it had been a very long hall? How far down the hall should I start
looking at her eyes? I certainly don't want to scare her. I look straight ahead, and then
when she is about 30 feet away, I start looking into her eyes.

I then went to the mall a few times to try the experiment there. Most did not look at all.
Of those who did look, most only looked for a second. Only about a third locked on. Of
those, about half broke a smile or said Hi. A couple of them where so moved that they
almost tripped.

Do you have to be walking? I tried the experiment while sitting. Almost none maintained
eye contact. Do they have to be walking? While I was walking I would look at any
chicks who were sitting. The results were the same as if we were both walking.

If I was approaching two chicks, and looked from one to the other, I lost them both. So,
if I am in such a situation, I lock onto one and I don't change my mind.

If I smiled or said Hi, while she was still looking at me, but before she smiled or said
it would usually result in my loosing her. On rare instances did it make her smile and say
Hi with enthusiasm. So, I never smile or say Hi until she first does so, and I smile if
smiles and say Hi if she says Hi.

If she did not lock eye contact with me, I would go ahead and say Hi when she got close
to me. In many instances she would then enthusiastically turn to me and smile and say Hi.

I would also look at chicks who were with a man if he was not looking in my general
direction. I was surprised at the number of times that she would lock on and actually

I noticed that the better I dressed, or the sexier I dressed, the better I did. I noticed
the women who looked where better dressed then those who did not.

Eye contact in a bar is an entire science in itself. When done correctly, it can be
fucking lethal.

Real players never stare. They lock eye contact. There is a difference between
staring and locking eye contact. They are two totally different things.

When you look at a woman, here is what you do. Lock eye contact with her. Don't
blink. Don't look at her friend. Pick one eye and don't let go. You only get one chance
at this. Don't give up. Don't smile. Don't say anything. You are telling her that you are
interested in her and you are not intimidated by her. Then leave it up to her. You will be
amazed at the staring capability that women posses.

She is thinking "Who is this guy to be so bold as to continue looking at me while I look
at him? Now this is interesting. He is different." She knows that if she lets go now, she
will loose you. She will go one of two ways. If she wants to loose you, she will break
eye contact and look away. If she does not want to loose you, but is instead intrigued by
what you are doing, she knows that she has to eventually end the stare down and she
will have to make the move. She will have to either smile or say Hi.

If she smiles, you smile. If she says Hi, you say Hi. Don't say Hello. Then you reward
her and make your move.

Of course, you don't always have to wait for eye contact to make your move.

Credit - David Shade website

Friday, 11 January 2008

LR- First threesome of 2007

A2damir is a PUA with some mad skillz. Anyone of his LR's is educational reading and a standard to aspire to. Here's an LR of his first 3some of 2007

whats up guys, havent posted here for a while.. i know i owe you guys a LR:HBAss, which i wrote 90% of it but never had the chance to finish it, im very busy this time of the year..happy new years to all..
last year i posted a "LR: first 3some of 2006", well i have a new "LR:First 3some of 2007"... and it happened on January 5th...not a bad start to the year..

for those who dont know me, i suggest you read a couple of my LRs to get familiar with my style...aight,so this i what happened...
it was friday night at the club, i usually wear jeans and a tight t-shirt ( im very jacked, i get so much attention and ECs when i wear t shirt, but this night i was dressed up like a gentleman, black dress pants, peach color dress shirt, and an orange and blue stripe tie with a suade i couldnt use my muscles as an advantage...
oh btw this goes to show it really doesnt matter what you wear ( which i always preach, dont spend alot of time on peacocking, just peacock your body and your all set)...
so about an hour later, i see 2 chicks, one brunette and the other redhead, the redhead was a 7, fuckable, but a lil chubby, the brunette was a 9, nice body, and probably the best pair of titties in the club that night...i did a quick math, 9+7= 16, divided by 2 = 8... i fuck 8s and above, so i decided to game both of them.... i was on the vip section, and the 2 chicks wanted to come up there, but the bouncer had to make sure they had a special stamp to get up there, i told him to let the chicks come up there although they werent VIP...
so the chicks came up there, they knew I had put in a word for them
me: hey you guys gotta behave up here now that i put my neck on the line for you
Brunettewith an accent) thank you, why didn't he let us come up here?
me: ( there were alot of chicks up there) oh nothing this is my harem up here, he didnt know i was adding to it tonight.
Brunette:your what?
me: my harem
Brunette:whats a harem
me: ( she ruined he whole joke) nothing it means its my party up here and you werent on the guestlist
Brunette: is it your birthday?
me: no where are you guys from you have an accent
Brunette: Quebec
me: ( to the redhead) you too?
redhead with a slightly less accent than the brunette) yeah
me: so what bring you down to my neck of the woods?
Brunette:your what?
me: ( aight fuck it, i'll treat them like im running an ESL class from now on... and i knew this was gonna ruin my game, cuz alot of shit i say is witty and these chick had a hard time understanding english) my neighborhood, my city.
Brunette: we want to visit most american cities
me: what language do you speak?
Brunette: french
me: ( to the redhead....i didnt want her to feel ignored) you speak french too
redhead: yes
me: well you guys have fun up here, if you need anything come find me, you cant miss my shirt
( both of them laughing)
Brunette: ( put her hand on my arms to touch the shirt ) i like the color
me: yeah that makes 2 of us in the club
redhead: it looks nice on you
me: thank you, let me introduce you guys to the bouncer just in case you wanna go in and out of the vip section and im not around
Brunette: oh thank you very much
(takeaway # 1… it wasn't as strategic as my others cuz I really had to go see some other friends in the club too, but you can call it a takeaway)
anyway, i introduced them and i went to mingle... i had alot of friends up there and in the club, mostly chicks too, even at one point i the vip section 2 of my friends came on the stage, both of them are just a notch down from HBGodess, but they are deffinately both HB11s or even more, almost everyone was staring at them,
they came one of them screamed and jumped and hugged me in front of everyone, they bought a round of shot for me, then they wanted to go to another club which the door was closed cuz it was packed, but i walked them in the backdoor,,, an no i havet fucked those 2 chicks yet, and probably wont...
they have " a special circumstance" which i wont get into...

btw my fucking eyes are watery and killing me right now cuz im on a plane and writing this, and this dude next to me was bascially reading everything i was writing, i would look at him and he'll steal his eyes off my laptop, so now im writing this with a fontsize 5 or 6, so fucking small i cant see shit..

anyway, i had left the club to take those 2 megahotties to the other club, and then i went back to the vip area... im rushing these part, i probably had spent 25-30 mins with those 2 chicks, talking, one of them had their ass against my body very friendly talking and when i went back on the vip section i saw the 2 initial chicks, honetsly i had totally forgot about them cuz those 2 mega hottites had elevated my blood pressure and testosterone levels...

Brunette: you have a very beautiful girlfriend
me: thank you, i'll let her boyfriend know when she finds one
Brunette: she wasnt your girlfriend?
me: oh you dont know why they threw this party for me up here tonight ? ( BS, it wasnt my party i just made that up)
Brunette:no why?
me: they are celebrating me being single
( both of them laughed)
Brunette: really?
me: sort of
redhead: what do you mean sort of?
me: it means im single but they arent celebrating that, or at least they wont tell me that to my face cuz it would make me feel like a piece of meat
( both of the laughed again)

at that point i saw a very good girlfriend of mine and i excused myself from the 2 Canadian chicks to say hi to her,
and doing yet another takeaway from the Canadians.
10 mins later i leave the vip area and go chill with another bouncer, then someone from behind basically walked through me , bumped me on the side and kept walking, and it was the Brunette... i didnt think much of it at that point, i thought she was drunk, i spilled my drink and the bouncer wanted to kick them out cuz he thought they were drunk, ut i was like fuck it let them have fun... 6-7 mins latr the same thing happened but not as hard as the first time, again it was the brunette..
now i deffinately thought she was drunk..but again i let her get away with it.
i go back up on the vip section and i see her, and as soon as she sees me she comes towards me
Brunette kinda hostile) is this your club?
me: no why?
Brunette: everyone knows you here, are you the manager
me: nope, i just have alot of friends, so you guys having fun?
Brunette: yeah its fun, what time does the club close?
me: in about 20 mins, do you guys have a hotel?
Brunette: yeah we got a room
me: where?
Brunette: on commonwealth avenue ( ray you probably know which ones she's talking about, they arent hotels, kind of like 4 story building with different units on each floor)
me: are you guys gonna go to an after party?
me: why not? are you guys that boring?
Brunette: no we have to get up at 7 tomorrow and drive back to quebec.
me: so, that doesnt mean you cant party tonight
Brunette: then we cant get up early
me: i'll wake you guys up myself how is that
Brunette: we'll see
me: ( those titties were still top titties a the club that night) thats fine we can just party at your place so you can just sleep there
Brunette:what party?
me: nothing big, i'll get some alcohol and come over and have a couple drinks and chill
Brunette: are you coming alone?
me: i can bring this whole club if you want to
Brunette: my friend wants a guy too ( she fucked up, at that point i knew i was getting laid, she gave it, they were probably talking about me and as TOkyoPUA once said, they "Splitted the dick between themselves"... so i knew they were seducded... ok now there is this black bouncer, tall dude, i kept telling him about the chicks i fuck and every hot girls he saw at the club i had claimed to him that i had fucked her,
so now it was time to back my shit up for him, not that i had to prove anything, i was looking for a wing, so what the hell... oh i think in my LR: My Masterpiece, i say the N word and some dickhead started all this shit about me being racist and how it was inappropriate to use that word and blah blah blah... well you see homie, i fuck chicks with black dudes, i roll with black dudes too so get your head out of your ass and stop looking for an excuse to play the race card,,, specially on this board)

me: how about this bouncer here? he's the one that let you guys come up here
Brunette: ( said something to her friend in french)
Brunette: yeah ok ask him if he wants to come

so i asked him, and he was cool with it... i'll skip through the rest of the night ( I spent the rest of the night with them, gaming them more and maintaining their interest level), after the club was over, i asked them if they wanted a ride, but she said their apt was close by and they'll just walk, i got their phone number, their address ( which # on comm ave). their room #, and she even gave me the passcode to buzz myself in to the main entrance...
so i waited for my wing to get out of work, he was with his boy, so we go to teh front of the apt, my friend double parks and his boy just sits in the car and waits, and i parked on the st. i called her, she told me she had just got their and was walking up the steps and she'll come down and open the door for us..

anyway we go up...the redhead was horny, she went to the bathroom and i basically pushed my friend in their with her and they shut the door, i went and grabbed the Brunette from behind and she said " go sit on the bed i have things to do... she was getting most of her shit ready for the next morning, it took her 3-4 mins to get them straightened out, then she started changing into her PJs...
man she took her top off and damn, she had the nicest pair of NATURAL titties... no i take that back, second best pair of natural titties that i had ever seen in my life, i only saw it from the side..., then she wanted to take her jeans off, she told me to look away
.. that pissed me off... its aight though, she wanted to play hardball she changed, and she came stood in front of me, i was sitting on the side of the bed... she called her friend, they came out, and then the bitch said " ok nothing is gonna happen tonight we have to sleep because we have to wake up early tomorrow"..
oh no no no... i didnt give up all those other lays for nothing…
me: what happened to partying?
Brunette: sorry to decieve you, but nothing is gonna happen. ( decieve? interesting choice of word)
( remember what i said about not having the muscle advantage because of my dress shirt, i loosened my tie and told her i dont wanna wrinkle my shirt and took it off... she paused for a good 5-6 seconds just looking at me... )
Brunette:you have huge arms
me: yeah i know ( cuz now i was pissed), so you guys wanna start the party?
Brunette: no i already said we have to get up early tomorrow ( she still not buying in)
me: yeah yeah that decieve thingy you talked about... ( with my shirt off i walked up to her, she was sitting on the side of the bed and i was standing, i put my hands on both side of her face, held her face and gave her a kiss on lips and said
me: have a good night sweetie and drive safe tomorrow, i'll call you at 7 and wake u guys up tomorrow ( and with my head i signaled to my friend lets get out of here... )
Brunette:no you dont have to go
me: i have alot of fetishes but watching a chick sleep isnt one of them
Brunette laughed, maybe a fake laugh I dunno) you guys can sleep over if you want, we can all fit ( they had 2 queen beds which were against eachother, so i winked at my wing meaning WERE IN BUSINESS and started seperating the 2 beds per their request) they also had another sliding /folding bed...

so anyways, it was a lil awkward, nothing like this specifically had happened to me, but one thing was for sure... i will never be alone with a chick, be in the same bed with her, and have my shirt off, and not fuck the chick, so i knew i was laying her, it was just a matter of strategy...
so she's laying on the bed, with her back against me, my dick is against her perfect ass and im getting a hard on, and i put my arm on her shoulder, she grabs my arms, brings it under her arms and put it on her chest and she is holding my hand too... try visualizing that... oh btw my eyes are really killing me now.. i see the guy next to me try to look at it but he cant see shit....fuck i cant see shit either…lol I guess his eyes must hurt worse than mine…
so i kiss her on the neck and whisper in her ear
me: your in a bad mood, you should loosen up
Brunette:no im not in a bad mood
me: yeah you are, you seem to have alot of stress, let me give you a back massage
Brunette: i have to sleep
me: i know, you can sleep while i give you the massage, you'll wake up feeling great
this is where a lot of guys fuck up, and end up not banging a 100% lay… you see whats going on here? Im the guy that had a pussy buffet at the club, and I chose her, now she wants to hold back on sex thinking I'll be begging her to have sex with her, but instead im laying down there next to her, I haven't touched her ass or titties or anything ( she put my hand close to her tits not me), and im offering to give her a massage so she would wake up feeling better… not even once do I mention sex to her…

( and i started rubbing her back and body,I massaged her for a couple of mins, but fuck her she didnt deserve a massage)
me: turn around i wanna see your face
Brunette: ( she did without hesitation)
me: ( just looked at her and kissed her, and then we started making out)... (again, I haven't SAID anything, she's just following her heart..sounds romantic eh?)
i'll rush some parts now, my boy and the redhead went to the bathroom and i think they had sex, cuz my boy was done in like 5 mins, and i was still making out but we were both naked and she was rubbing all over me...
so my boy wants to leave now, and the brunette says he cant leave and he has to stay ( they didnt wanna feel like sluts, fuck em and leave em sort of thing... u think the same Ray?), so i told them my boy had double parked and he's gonna go move his car and come back and i winked at my boy meaning he doesnt have to come back..

he leaves, and the brunette was smart, she says if he (my boy) doesnt come back i cant have sex with her cuz i'll probably do the same thing( fuck her and leave her), and i was like " ok if he doesnt come back in 5 mins i'll leave".. i knew she didnt wanna me to leave..the damage was done, poor girl couldnt do anything now but put up some last minute resistance sruggles...
at first i was gonna show her some more power, wait the 5 mins and then tell her " hey my friend didnt show up so im gonna leave" , and i knew she wouldve wanted me to stay which gave me the upper hand again but i was like fuck it, i started making out with her again, a good 7-8 mins went by she didnt mention anything, although the redhead couldnt shut up, she kept talking, she went and turned the radio on, she seemed impatient,
this meant one of the 2 things im my opinion...( ray add more if you think of anything else)
1) she was horny and wanted to fuck me too, but she either wasnt that open with her friend, or maybe they had a pact and they had already "splitted the dick" as ray once said..
2) she was jealous, her hotter friend got the better guy, and now the redhead wanted to cockblock me and pussyblock ( yeah im coining this phrase) her friend...

only one solution to both those problems, join her in on the action..

me whispered in the brunette's ears) are you bisexual?
Brunette: we have kissed before but we wont do it for you
me: dont flatter yourself i didnt ask, your such a fag
Brunette: (laughed and bit my ear... ladies and gents, this is a HUGE IOI, that meant she just needed me to push her some more)
me:have you done more than kissing?
Brunette: why do you ask?
me: just wondering ( i think she got mad cuz)
Brunettewith a lil hostility) if you want her go get her ( but from the tone of her voice i think she meant that if you get her, you'll loose me)
me: i want you i thought i made that clear already ( and immediately french kissed her again( irony cuz they spoke french).. i kissed her to play with her emotions a lil)
Brunette: ( after we were done kissing, she paused for like 10 secs )i know you want her ( see...she brought it up again, did she want me to have her join us?Ray?)
me: no i want you, she is just an added bonus
Brunette: every guy wants 2 girls
me: im not every guy, 2 girls are boring for me now, do you have any other friends in this area?
Brunette laughed) boring?
me: yeah it gets boring after a while

oddly enough the friend had shut up for 3-4 mins now, so now i HAD to keep her awake just in case i talk her friend into a 3 some... anyway i wont bore you guys, i had to multi task like an intel core duo processor, keeping the redhead awake while not letting her cockblock me and at the same time showing 100% interest in the brunette chick and meanwhile try to show her that i want a 3some too... not easy brothas, not easy
at first i as unsuccessfull, so i was like fuck it, honey enough chit chatting now blow me ( i didnt say that to her in those words),
so she starts giving me head, after 4-5 mins she comes up, i tell her i want somemore, she said her mouth got tired ( btw she gave the worst head that i can remember getting… and this report is giving me the worse eye pain even), so i told her
me: maybe you should ask your friend to help you, sharing is caring
Brunette bursted out laughing)
so now the redhead wanted to know what she was laughing at, and the brunette told her
me: well...
brunette: well what
me: do you wanna share or not
Brunette: we havent done this before
me: its fun if you dont like it you can stop...

thats about it.... they both started giving me head and we fucked...

i'll discuss my exit strategy too since i havent posted here for a while i owe you guys ...
ok so by the end of the night , chii chiing, jackpot i think she was in love, she did so many romantic things to me that only my previous girlsfriends had done, like romantic hugs and kisses and smooching, licking my toung and face and ears blah blah blah,
so she told me she wanted me to hold her tight from behind and sleep with her, so by now it was around 5:35 in the morning,... remember that she had to get up at 7 am right? i tried different strategies, first i told her that after the great night of sex i couldnt sleep for a couple of hours, i told her that so she might let me leave since i wont be sleeping, but she said " suprise me and wake me up in an hour and start making love to me"...damn god must've loved me tonight cuz that gave me the perfect exit route,
i told her that i dont have any more condoms and i have some more in my car ( oh at one point i had to go grab some extra condoms from my car), so i told her i have to go get some condoms from mycar which was bullshit, i had 3 more in my pocket, but i told her i have to go get some more, so once i leave i will not come back... so i slept next to her for 10-15 mins, it did feel good, she looked so cute all ucddled up and sleeping, so once her breath level reached a steady pace i figured she's asleep, i packed my shit and left....
she left 3 messages in the morning around 7:30, she sent me text messages... but it was all over, i wish i couldve left her on better terms

some thing that she said later on:
she did say she kept bumping into me on purpose to get my attention
she didnt like me talking to all the chicks, but she said at the end of the night i was in bed with her so she didnt care
my boy gave me mad respect the next day , he said that takeaway that i did was classic and got him and me a lay...

aight the pilot just said we gotta put away all electronics, so im gonna end this.. comments, criticisms all welcomed... i'll check back if you guys have any questions..

btw, this was probably one of the 6-7 lays that the chick never called me an asshole or cocky or something like that...

Credit A2damir MASF